Why the Book was written. 

 This book, "Garifuna Language for Beginners," originated from a need that my daughter-in-law had to teach my granddaughter my native language Garifuna. I could not readily come up with this resource. I searched the internet and called friends and family members to no avail. There was absolutely no teaching material for beginners trying to learn Garifuna, so I decided to write my own.

My sons have always expressed interest in learning Garifuna, but because of our busy lives, we never made time to make this a reality. You see, I also felt guilty for not teaching them our language. I shared the history of our people, the Garinagu, but neglected to teach them the language. I hope this book will make amends to my mistake. It will be followed by a series of books that will cover the language in more details. 

       The book’s unique design focuses on pictures of things around us, words in English and Garifuna, and the pronunciations.  It is very colorful, easy to use and offers a quick learning opportunity. 

          We encourage you to join us in passing on this beautiful language to your love ones by purchasing a copy of "Garifuna Language for Beginners."  Also, by buying a copy, you too will give the opportunity to others to preserve the Garifuna language.

Lau bandi isien (With lots of love),

      Bea Arzu & Family
(The Author and Editors)

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