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"Congratulations on another milestone in your life. The book is much needed, It was great of you to let this project become a reality, Your granddaughter and many other children (adults also) will benefit from it"
                                  "Lau isiein (With Love)"  Avis

"Incredible!! Go Girl, You Rock!"

"The Garifuna book is well illustrated and I love it. The graphics are wonderful which will definitely attract the little one's attention. You should have heard my son reading Garifuna."

"As a young Garifuna, I think this book is a good idea for preserving the Garifuna language. The book is very informative and will be beneficial for teachers both here and in Belize. The colorful and attractive pictures will get children's attention. Students will find a new love for learning the Garifuna language"

"Congrats to Sid and Bea. Dad would have been proud. We eagerly await Volume 2."
"Hot stuff !!! Send me 10 more books."

"Congratulations for your new book. Send me 2 more books. 
Best wishes always,"

Congratulations to Ms. Bea Arzu for such a beautiful and innovative book! I wish this book had been around when my two teenage kids were younger.  Garifuna children need to learn their language as early as possible, and this book helps to fill that need.

This book can also help introduce non Garifuna speaking adults and foreigners to our language.  It makes a wonderful conversation piece if you place it on your coffee table!  Way to go Bea! I wish you continued success in your writing career.

Frank Palacio

Thanks so much for my copy of  "Garifuna Language for Beginners".  The layout of the book is captivating.  The pictures are lifelike.  The book portrays an excellent approach to acquiring a Garifuna vocabulary.

Mabuiga lau lubuidun ayumahani luagu awanseruni.  Itara meme la!
Au le,
Clifford J. Palacio
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